300kg Domestic Solar Heat Pump Dryer

This solar heat pump dryer is the most saved dry machine for power cost with higher performance and 24 hours constant work. With 60 sets stainless steel trays, it can dry 300kg more or less with one batch.

Very easy to operate the machine through select dry button on Touch Screen. And accurate control program assure best dry quality for final dried goods. Work stable and automatically for dry process.

Reinforced strong structure assure long work life with less maintenance.

It use popular for many factories, farms, private business, starup companies, etc to save more power cost and have best quality dried goods to sell on market and grow their business.

Multifuctional drying procedures to dry different goods include fruits, fish, vegetables, nuts, foods,etc
Easy to move everywhere with strong wheels.




1. Free solar power + Energy-save heat pump power
2. Can save 7.5kwh per hour on working time compare with electric heater. And should save so large power cost if calculate 7.5kwh x 24 hours x 30 days (per month) x 12 (months per year )
3. Accurate dry procedure to dry different goods with best quality like keep fresh color and others.
4. Easy operation to select touch button with different programs for different goods through Touch Screen.
5. Automatic control for all total dry process.
6.Reinforced strong structure with long time work life and less maintenance.
7.Waste heat recovery and reutilization
8. Environmental protection and decrease Carbon emission with solar and energy-save power.

Product details



Widely used to drying fruit,vegetable,herbs,meat,seafood,etc.Such as litchi,honeysuckle,daylily,beef jerky,mushrooms,blueberry,medlar,jujube,walnut,plum,tea,apricot,raisin,bacon,suasage,small shrimp,rice,etc.So this dryer can be a food dehydrator or fruit dryer.


Project photos

Case of mango drying


DRYFREE Mango dehydrator