Flower Dry With Water Recovery System

The dryer with water recovery system has special design to keep natural color for dried products.At same time,assuring the product quality to past lab test with green-food standard.The water recovery system can recover about 40% more or less essential oil.

flower dry system


1.Equipment per unit processing capacity in 600-700kg of flowers.
2.The processing time of each device is controlled within 18hours.
3.The drying temperature of the equipment should be adjusted flexible between 30degrees and 65degrees,and the temperature should be accurately controlled.
4.The whole hot air circulation system of the equipment should be designed scientifically to ensure that the drying material in uniform and has no dead angle.
5.The hot gas produced by the equipment during the processing and drying process with active components should be condensed out in a timely manner.Direct contact with the condensing liquid(cell liquid)requires the use of 304stainless steel material(including a recovery tray,a diversion pipe,storage tanks,etc.)to ensure that condensed liquids are not contaminated.
6.The cooling water temperature of circulating cooling water used in the condenser is below 15degrees,the humidity of the wet gas entering the condenser is about 50degrees and the humidity is more than 70%.The humidity of the gas after condensation is required to be reduced to about 40%.The water yield ratio of fresh flowers is about 40%.

Product details

flower dry system


The dryer with water recovery system can be used to dry flowers,special vegetables and herbs.
(1)Flowers:such as rose, chrysanthemum,Lavender,Jasmine,etc.
(2)Special vegetables:Such as day lily, lotus leaf, mint leaf,etc.
(3)Herbs:poria cocos,caulis dendrobi,ginseng,etc.
flower dry system

Project photos

Rose drying in Bulgaria

flower dry system

Chrysanthemum drying in Guizhou

flower dry system

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