Food dehydrator apple chips

The Commercial Fruit And Vegetable Dehydrator Machine with  heat pump dry system is a compact,high performance dry system.The operating temperature range is between 80°-211°F(27℃-85℃),this system is suitable for families and small factories agricultural products dry.
The system include heat pump,control system,fan,dehydration system,dry room and tray,operation voltage is 220v or 110v,lots of place user can use this system directly,don’t worry about the local voltage matching.The system is a complete heat pump dry system too,user needn’t assemble them again,they connect power to dry system can use them directly.

heat pump dry system application

Application of Fruit And Vegetable Dehydrator Machine

The Fruit And Vegetable Dehydrator Machine are widely used to drying fruit,vegetable,herbs,meat,seafood,etc.
Such as litchi,honeysuckle,day lily,beef jerky,mushrooms,blueberry,medlar,jujube,walnut,plum,tea,apricot,raisin,bacon,sausage,small shrimp,rice,etc.

heat pump dry system application

Advantage of Fruit And Vegetable Dehydrator Machine

1.220v or 110v operation voltage,apply anywhere.
2.Function reliable,low maintenance operation.
3.Client needn’t to assemble and installation again.
4.Small footprint.
5.Automatic control and operation with user friendly design.
6.Save 70% to 80% of your electrical or oil or gas heating energy,lopw operating costs.
7.Waste heat recovery and utilization.
8.Gentle drying:high consistent product quality.
9.Leading edge control systems.
10.Dry room inner hot.