Fig drying

Dried figs, the dried figs that can be bought on the market are light yellow, which are used to make the soups have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, removing phlegm and removing dampness. The processing of fresh figs into dry products is based on their structural characteristics and chemical composition. The fully ripe figs are green when harvested, the flesh is soft, and the internal seeds are small in granular form. The flesh contains polyphenols, which are easy to produce brown during processing. Therefore, the processing of figs into dry products is a very important value-added process for deep processing. Now the heat pump type fig dryer is used, and the quality of dried figs produced is very good. There is no browning, dust pollution, dull color, coking, etc. of traditional sun-dried products. problem. The dried fruit has a good color and nutrition.

The figs can be dried whole, or they can be dried after being cut. The dried figs after the cutting are dried faster than the whole ones. The figs are first cleaned, the stems are removed, and the cuts are processed. It can also be cut into strips, and then peeled and protected in a stepwise manner.

Fig drying process: fresh figs contain water in the form of free water, colloidal water and combined water. The water content is 75-80%, and the sugar content is high. If the sun is not strong enough when dried naturally, it is difficult to dry the flowers. Through, the use of air can be the focus of the fig dryer is the temperature, humidity, wind speed, air volume and precise controllable. Depending on the size of the block, the initial setting temperature should be in the range of 70-85 ° C. In the short-term, the moisture of the fig is greatly evaporated. The 4-hour dehumidification is controlled at 50%, and the second period is 8 hours. The range of 60-70 °C is the benchmark, the drainage time is slightly shortened, the humidity is controlled to 30%, the third period is 5 hours, the temperature is lowered by 50-60 ° C, the humidity is continuously reduced to 10%; the whole process is about 18 hours, the fig The water content falls below 15%.

The dried fruit dried by the fig dryer, the dried fig meat is soft, has a fragrant smell, sweet and pleasant, water content is about 20%, no insects, no mold, no impurities, no sediment.

See the deep processing of the fruit from the drying process of the fig. Most fruits are kept for a short period of time, such as strawberries, mulberries, peaches, bayberry, apricots, blueberries, etc., so drying is a good way to preserve and add value. These fruits have high moisture content, high sugar content, and are easily stained with dust during sun exposure, attracting mosquitoes, flies, ants, etc., causing secondary pollution. In the season of mass production, drying the venue is also a big problem. The heat pump drying room represented by the fig dryer, the material is in a relatively closed space, is not affected by the outside world, and the dried fruit preserves the color of the original fruit, so the process of sulfur smoking is not required, and the quality is obtained. Huge improvements. The unit can be intelligently controlled to achieve precise control of temperature, humidity, air volume and time. Different drying modes are set for different materials, with dry mode, fast drying speed, large output and low operating cost.

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