Industrial filter press for sludge dewatering

Industrial filter press for sludge dewatering,
Sludge Dewatering Machine, sludge dewatering system, sludge drying bed,

Sludge automatic drying line , energy saving, security, environmental protection, high efficiency, using hot air circulation, condensation, dehumidification, drying and other processes to treat life sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, papermaking sludge, tanning sludge, petroleum and chemical sludge and other kind of sludge, reduce sludge volume, stable nature of the sludge, make sure the sludge harmless, reduce the pollution to the environment.

The standard drying line is 6 meters. Now we take a example of 24 meters modular system design, high temperature drying, efficient dehumidification and conveyor belt material transport mode, not only can batch uninterrupted material transport to the drying line, achieve mass production, multi-layer conveyor belt and back transport mode, but also can play the role of turning over materials in the transportation process, greatly increasing the contact area and contact time between materials and hot air. The drying speed is fast, and drying and dehumidification effect are good. The whole system is enclosed in circulation, free of dust and particulate matter pollution to the atmosphere. The system is equipped with high-voltage electric field sterilization. The daily sludge treatment is about 13 tons (according to different requirements for sludge dewatering), covering a small area, suitable for large and medium-sized industrial sludge treatment.
Sludge Dry And Dehumidify Machine1
Sludge Dry And Dehumidify Machine2


heat pump dry system3

1.Closed cycle drying, no pollution to the atmosphere and surrounding environment, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

2.Conveyor belt material transportation can realize bulk sludge drying.

3.Quick drying, good effect and significant energy saving

4.High pressure electric field sterilization, the non-heavy metal sludge can be directly used for agricultural cultivation after drying.

5.Fully automatic operation, no need for manual supervision.

6.Batch continuous and automatic drying.

7.Sludge with water content above 80% can be quickly dried to water content below 30%.

8.Modular unit, small occupation area, easy to adjust equipment operation position.

9.No infrastructure required.

Project photos

Sludge Dry And Dehumidify Machine3

Petrochemical sludge drying in Jiangsu

Sludge Dry And Dehumidify Machine4

Domestic Sludge drying in Dongguan

Sludge Dry And Dehumidify Machine5

Electroplating sludge drying in Zhongshan​

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