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Industrial goods paper tube wood plating printing Customized commercial energy save heat pump drying machine

Four, air energy heat pump paper tube dryer advantages:

1.Energy conservation

Energy saving is the starting point and the main advantage of heat pump application.

2.Good quality of dry products

Heat pump drying is a mild drying method, close to natural drying. The evaporation rate of surface moisture is close to that of internal moisture moving to the surface, so that the quality, color and grade of dried articles are good.

3.Drying parameters are easy to control and can be adjusted in a wide range

In the process of heat pump drying, the temperature, humidity and circulation flow of circulating air can be accurately and effectively controlled, and the range of temperature adjustment is -20 ℃ 100 ℃ (plus auxiliary heating device), and the range of relative humidity adjustment is 15% and 80%. Suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.

4. Environment-friendly

Material drying not only requires improving product quality and saving energy consumption, but also environmental friendly. Based on the same evaluation criteria, heat pumps have a small impact on global warming compared with electrically released CO2. Environmental friendliness is the advantage of heat pump drying. At present, the application of heat pump to reduce CO 2 emission is advocated in foreign countries, and it will be applied further.

5.Environmental benefits  

There is no pollution to the environament, creating a clean and harmonious working environment and production environment, laying the foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise, making a strong impetus for the future of the enterprise and the technological innovation and the adjustment of the industrial structure. It is in line with the law of coordinated development between human and nature and the economy.



The use of heat pump drying technology marks a new direction and a new field for dehydration drying of industrial products. It has a strong impact and challenge to the traditional drying methods and equipment of industrial products. At the same time, the application of heat pump technology is in line with the national and local governments to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon production and life, comply with the development of the times, it is irresistible, in both economic and social effects played a major role. It is a good example for enterprises to implement and promote the goal and action of sustainable development, which is persuasive and beneficial to the people.



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