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600KG Customized rose other flower dry and cell water recovery machine


  1. Keep Nafural color for dried roses
  2. Earliest company to do heat pump dry and recovery machine and efficiency is highest.
  3. Can recover about 40% more or less rose water .
  4. All food level stainless steel material for all machine. With special design to assure food level for dried rose and rose water quality to past lab test with greenfood standard.
  5. Automatic control system for all work process.
  6. Energy-save machine to save 75% compare with electricity directly.
  7. With CE Certificafe from SGS



Tianyuan Rose Products Development Co. Ltd (www.jntyrose.com )

Tianyuan Rose is earliest rose manufacture company in Pinyin county, China. And with new technology dry with recovery machine from 2012, Tianyuan Rose already become biggest rose products manufacturer with completeproduct list for rose products include dried rose petals, rose buds for tea, rose sugar, rose jam, rose water for cosmetics and drinking material. Tianyuan also already become famous brand and expand market through OEM for rose material, distribute with many agents with brands to cover all China markets and also export to oversea markets. Tianyuan Rose already work with many big brands like Kellogg group, Oishi,etc.




Bulgaria customer contact with us on 2015 after hear about our new technology dry with recovery machine. Bulgaria customer use boil process for rose water and rose oil, but can not get dried rose petals and rose tea. And customers also come to visit Tianyuan Rose to check all details. Bulgaria customer also export most rose water, dried rose tea to China markets.



India customer as food company also contact an visit us for our new technology dry with recovery machine .on 2016 year as they only use solar power to dry fresh rose for dried rose petals and export dried rose petals for material of Cigar. Customer eally like our machine to dry rose with dried rose petals, rose tea and recover rose water for cosmetics.



Chrysanthemum ( called Mum ) is special healthy flower as popular tea in China. Most important as customer require is natural color after dry to keep same and customer would like to buy with beautiful color to put into water and also keep safe and natural taste during dry process. Customers also now develop Chysanthemum water with special medicine use.



Flower include Rose, Chrysanthemum , Lavender, Jasmine, etc
Special Vegetables include Day lily, Lotus leaf, Mint leaf
Many type herbs to dry and recover herbs water and get dried herbs.


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