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In people’s life and industrial production, a variety of sludge will be produced. If not handle them, these sludge will cause great pollution to the environment of human life, also will seriously affect human health.

There are several types of sludge:

1.Domestic Sludge
2.Printing and dyeing sludge
3.Papermaking sludge
4.Tanning sludge
5.electroplating sludge
6.Petrochemical sludge

In order to reduce the volume of sludge, stable the nature of sludge, make the sludge harmless and can be recycled, sludge treatment requires four processes: concentration, mechanical dehydration, drying and incineration.

Dryfree sludge dehumidification and drying machine uses dehumidification heat pump to dry sludge with hot air circulation condensation dehumidification. When adopting belt drying equipment, 90% of the heating capacity of traditional sludge heat drying system is converted into exhaust air heat loss (latent heat of water vapor and sensible heat of hot air).

Dehumidification heat pump is a kind of device that makes use of refrigeration system to cool and dehumidify hot air and recycle air moisture condensation latent heat to heat air through heat pump principle.

Technical principle of Dryfree efficient heat pump dehumidifier unit (8-effect function)

The technical advancement of Dryfree efficient heat pump dehumidifier is as follows:

1. Efficient use of heat and cold in heat pump technology, make full use of heat pump evaporative dehumidification, condensation heating.

2. Making full use of low temperature and high humidity adsorption dehumidification structure and principle, give play to the highest efficiency of equipment.

3. Eight – effect dehumidification and heating, improve water removal per unit of electrical power.

4. Efficient heat recovery technology and dehumidification technology, increase the air temperature and decrease the relative humidity. It can accelerate the evaporation rate and shorten the drying time of sludge.

5. Using the shallow-stream effect of high voltage electric field to adsorb water ionization dehydration and improve regeneration efficiency.

6. High efficiency full effect heat exchanger can fully improve sensible heat, increase the relative humidity of return air and improve the dehydration efficiency of heat pump evaporator.

7. Equipment closed circulation, less cooling and heat loss, less odor in the process of sludge drying.

8. Sheet metal material is made of 304 stainless steel. Appearance is spray treatment, which has good anti-corrosion performance.

9. The heat pump evaporator and condenser are treated with special nano coating to improve the anti-corrosion performance and hydrophobicity to improve the efficiency of the heat pump.

Dryfree sludge dehumidification and drying characteristics:


  1. Choosing closed drying mode, without odor overflow, and no need to install complex deodorant device.
  2. Using low temperature drying process, the amount of H2S and NH3 precipitation is greatly reduced.
  3. Suitable for installation in urban sewage plant.
  4. Condensed water (sludge moisture) treatment is simple (or direct discharge), saving the cost of condensed water treatment in the drying process.


  1. Below 80 ℃ low temperature drying process
  2. Static amortization, no mechanical static friction with the contact surface
  3. No “sticky phase” stage of municipal sludge drying process (about 60%)
  4. Dry material is granular without dust hazard.
  5. Discharging temperature is low (< 50 ℃); no need for cooling, can be stored directly.

Dryfree belt dry sludge design principle:

The applied belt dryer consists of several independent unit segments: each section includes a circulating fan system, a high-voltage electric field electromagnetic energy system, a heat pump drying and heating system, an evaporative dehumidification system, a bypass circulating air and a dehumidification and drying air supply system, and a dehumidification and air supply system. As a unit, the high-voltage electric field electromagnetic energy heats the forming sludge of the conveyor belt, and a circulating fan and a heater are set. Part after moisture absorption, high humidity air by-pass, partly to the evaporator cooling dehumidification, and then mixing wet heat to the required temperature of 70 ℃; Hot air through the fan through the material hygroscopic, start a new cycle.


Dryfree heat pump high-efficiency dehumidifier sludge drying line adopts the following technology:

1. Increasing the air inlet temperature, reducing the air inlet humidity, increase the surface water evaporation rate of sludge.

2. High pressure electromagnetic energy act on sludge, in order to make internal water evaporation fast and broke biological cell wall.

3. Adopting through-flow and flat-flow hot air circulation mode, reasonable air flow dehumidification circulation.


Equipment layout

Principle of the wind

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