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Steam-Make CPC solar and heat pump machine

Medium-high temperature flat plate collector uses CPC compound parabolic reflector (commonly known as concentrating reflector), which collects and reflects all light rays from the reflected mirror to the heat absorbing tube. And that instantly generates 200-300 degrees high temperature on the absorbing tubes, which heat the medium inside the heat absorbing tube to 150-200 degrees and transferred to the heat storage device on time.


Commonly Flat plate solar collector only can heat water or medium on 70-80 degree. But CPC overcome the limitation and can supply medium-high temperature to expand the application range of the flat collector greatly. At present, CPC type can use for high-temperature hot water, warm-heating, high temperature steam, steam-cooking, Sea water desalination, solar energy air- conditioning and so on 

Concentrating Principle

The reflection mirror with CPC composite parabolic surface can focus all lights on heat tube regardless of the light from any angle to the reflector. This design can collect and use solar power maximum and most efficient without tracking and positioning. And that design also assure longest stable working like common flat plate solar collector with 10 years life warranty or more and less maintenance. Following drawings can show the principle:



Installation Drawing


Product Features:

  1. Maximum heating medium temperature up to 200 degrees, suitable for high temperature hot water, steam and warm-heating projects
  2. The concentrating effect is superior and the heat loss is small.
  3. It can be used in the cold area, even minus 30 degrees. And that should be very perfect to use for room warm-heating or agriculture green house on very cold area.
  4. CPC is only special flat plate solar collector with standard size as standard module and easy to install like flat collectors to assemble easily together for many commercial projects.
  5. Heat conduction medium circulation is used for energy transmission to utilize heat with max efficiency. And close circulation with heat medium has better efficiency with high pressure and high temperature for heat medium.



Engineering  Projects 


1. Shanxi Wutai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd high temperature hot water projects


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