Smart Control Solar Led Skylight With Panel

Combining modern solar technology with advanced LED technology, this is a green new lighting solution. A break through to the traditional daylighting way ( tubular skylight / sky tube), coming out to realize a much more convenient, longer lasting & energy efficient day & night lighting.

With the same function as a tubular skylight, the solar led skylight can make up for poor natural daylighting, brighten every dark space with no outside windows.But it definitely saves more for you both on installation and maintenance, as it needs no holes, shafts, domes..Instead,it could be perfectly done with a solar panel,a cable and an energy-efficient led panel light!

The obvious feature of the solar led skylight is to work under nature’s free solar energy and no need power consumption from grid electricity. But it is more than that. We aim to bring you an unprecedented lighting experience given by more upgraded solar led skylight systems.


Here comes our Solar LED Skylight System:

System A System B System C System D
Power Supply powered by solar panel rechargeable solar battery (1 circuit) solar panel and battery backup (2 circuits) solar panel and grid power as backup (2 circuits)
Lighting Feature with a similar experience to a taditional skylight, provide natural solar day lighting, let you perceive the outdoor sunlight fromthe indoor solar skylight. offer free solar smart day & night lighting with radar induction offer day & night lighting. give smart radar sensor lighting when battery power is involved offer day & night lighting. give smart radar sensor lighting when grid power i5 involved
Version / Upgraded Upgraded Upgraded
Constitute solar panel + light fixture solar panel + battery + light fixture + radar sensor solar panel + light fixture + battery backup + radar sensor solar panel + light fixture + grid power backup + radar sensor
Lighting time The light keeps on when the sunlight is available At day or night, the light is automatically on when people is there, off when people left. In sunny daytime,the light keeps on;In sunless time, it turns into sensor smart lighting (automatically on when people is there, off when people left). In sunny daytime,the light keeps on;In sunless time, it turns into sensor smart lighting (automatically on when people is there, off when people left).


1.Good Light Source: Top grade SMD2835 LED, no UV, no leak, no flicker, minimal heat or decay, make long lasting & energy-efficient lighting performance.
ldeal Power Supply Modes:Green energy power supply by polycrystalline solar panel, multi power supply modes available.
2.Day & Night Lighting: When with backup power, the solar led skylight system keeps lighting at day and night, for both daily and emergency use,
3.Smart Solar Lighting: Smart controller included, make automatic switchover to backup energy & turn into radar sensor smart lighting mode for sunless periods, not waste a shred of backup power.
4.Green Environmental Kit: Solar led skylight works with green solar energy, allowing savings of up to 90%,as an environmentally friendly kit with no carbon emissions.
5.User Friendly Easy to Install: Quick and easy DIY installation for verious ceiling types, no light shafts, no structural changes, just one plug-in action on wiring, maintenance free.


1.Save Money
Powered by solar panel without electric bills
Energy-efficient LED light source
Low installation & maintenance cost
2.Save Trouble
Easy and fast installation without light shaft
Hands free smart lighting by radar sensor
Quality assurance with long lifespan & low maintenance
3.Save Worries
Perfectly light up dark spaces where natural light is unavailable
Considerate & safe sensor lighting at dark night
Continuously light at night / once blackout with backup power

So, if you want a little supplemental light for rooms at daytime or the intelligent free solar lighting for day & night, why install a conventional skylight when you have another better choice? Solar LED Skylight from SIPL is just right here for you!


Solar LED Skylights with light fixtures of simple style, flush mounting, suit all kinds of ceiling installation, for integrated ceiling, wooden ceiling, or plaster ceiling.

Solar Power Supply Modes Lighting Modes Applications
System A Keep on as per the sunlight Good in making up for poor natural daylighting
System B light-on when someone comes,light-off whey theyve left Residential hallway, stairs,bathroom,etc.
System C  In sunny daytime, the lightis on;In sunless time, light-on when someone comes, light- off whey they’ve left  Residential/Commercialhallway,stairs, washroom,etc.
System D High frequency use places( features saving energyfrom long- term lighting )

Factory Show

Established from 2006 year, Millionsun Group develop quickly through supplying high-quality goods with competitive price. We are now the excellent OEM and ODM partners for our partners,many client sign agent agreement with milliosun group and sell millionsun brand product in their local market. we hope to establish our brand famous in the world.

Millionsun group factory area 50000m2, we have solar flat collector manufacture line, water tank manufacture line, bracket manufacture line, R&D Center and test center, 1600 workers. Our factory have ISO9001 certificate, our product get CE, SOLAR KEYMARK, SRCC, CSA, WATER MARK,AS certificate.