800kg Commercial Heat Pump Dryer

Integrated Multifunctional backup quick-installation energy-save heat pump dehydrator,the multi-function drying set without drying room.It is most suitable for assiting the existing solar tunnel dryer to make up for the temperature instability of solar energy.The installation of the dryer is very simple and saving the cost of drying.

1 800kg heat pump dryer


1.The dryer integrates all the components together through an integrated design. The actual installation is very simple. You just need to connect the air duct.

2.The use of 220-230V voltage for household use does not require commercial 380V power consumption, so the scope of use is no longer limited. It can be used in households, small factories or remote places without commercial 380V power consumption. Businessmen do not need to apply for commercial electricity, expanding the scope of use of equipment.

3.It is most suitable for auxiliary use of existing solar tunnel dryer, which makes up for the temperature instability of solar energy – – no sunshine at night, the goods will be damaged. It combines free solar energy with energy-saving and stable heat pumps that work all day.

4.It can assist commercial solar dryer, combined with solar energy, to refine the quality of products and the effect of all-day use.

5.Saving the cost of drying – — Combining solar energy to achieve the optimal use effect and the maximum energy saving.

6.The multi-functional drying unit has its own control system and drying software system, which can reasonably control the drying temperature, humidity and time, and can set different drying temperature and humidity in multiple time stages. The adjustable program ensures that different parameters are input when drying a variety of products. It can be widely used in fruits, vegetables, other agricultural products, fish, shrimp and other seafood, cocoa beans, coffee beans, tea, spices and other cash crops. Can ensure work continuously for 12 months in a year.

Product details

1 800kg heat pump dryer

Type of drying room:

type of drying room


Widely used to drying vegetable,fruit,herbs.Such as cabbage,daylily,litchi,honeysuckle,mushrooms,blueberry,jujube,tea,apricot,raisin,etc.So this dryer can be a food dryer,fruit dehydrator,herb dehydrator.

1 800kg heat pump dryer

Project photos

Case of apricot drying

1 800kg heat pump dryer

DRYFREE Apricots dryer