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Dryfree solar air collector for family food dry

This solar dryer is intended for the small landholder or a family. With a capacity of 10 – 60 kg of sliced wet fruit or vegetables, depending on type of fruit and numerous other factors , this dryer is ideal for high-quality natural preservation in a micro-enterprise setting. multiple units provide a significant commercial volume at a combined cost which remains economical and substantially lower than large commercial solar dryers.


Dryfree solar air collector for commercial dry

For some market without electricity, customer will only use 100% solar power to dry different

goods, then we design fixed commercial solar dry system for customers.

Commonly we design one line with 5pcs and two lines with 10pcs.If have no space to install,

we can adjust 3pcs with three lines as total 9pcs to install up high.

Solar collector is standard type as 2000mm x 1000mm x 82mm thickness with polyurethane

foam and strong frame and tempered glass.

We will install air input with dirt filter screen and hot air output tube and connect 10pcs

collector with steel tube together as total solar dry system. Customer only need to install

them on roof or ground and use soft tube to connect with basement, bricks room or other

drying room to keep working. That should be very easy to operate and can use 100% free

for solar.

If need bigger solar dry capacity, we can parallel connect every set ( as 10pcs with one set )

together with hot air tube, and that should be very easy to operate.


commercial drying systen with different quantity

solar air collectors<Optional quantity



Dryfree solar air collectors for commercial dry field


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